Surviving a Craft Beer Festival

Surviving a Craft Beer Festival

With the huge rise in UK craft beer, we’ve also witnessed a rise in craft beer festivals across the land. Come rain or shine, every season of the year is home to an exciting array of innovative beer festivals, from small pub car park affairs, to the weekend benders thrown by more established artisan beer producers.

Festivals are a great chance to discover beers you’d never normally find in your local craft beer shop or bar and even if you buy craft beer online, you’re sure to discover something new and exciting. With great beer, food, people and a carnival atmosphere, it’s easy to forget how many you’ve had. But beware, you don’t want to peak too soon and you definitely don’t want to be the guy slumped over a table with their beer slowly trickling into their lap.

Read on for some top craft beer festival survival tips!

Pace Yourself

At a beer festival, there’s generally a huge selection of top quality beers available. From craft lager, to stouts and barley wine, it can seem as if there’s too much on offer! Festival goers often suffer from FOMO - or the fear of missing out - and go crazy trying to sink as many different beers as possible before they run out.

This is a bad tactic that can only lead to disaster! Take it easy and enjoy yourself. There’s no rush - if there are some beers you absolutely have got to try, list them and be sure to visit the appropriate brewery. But enjoy these beers! Don’t just drink to tick a beer off a list, seek out those beers that you can savour and enjoy fully.

Keep Yourself Fed and Watered

Alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream much quicker if you’re running on empty. Eat a large, preferably fatty meal, before heading out and drink plenty of water before you start on the beer. You may fear that you’ll need to use the bathroom a lot, but there will be toilets and better this than falling on your face three imperial stouts in!

As well as starting on a full stomach and bladder, continue to hydrate yourself throughout the event. A glass of beer followed by a glass of water is a good method - don’t wait until it’s too late! Also, seek out more food after a couple of hours or so.

Drink in Good Company

Visiting a craft beer festival alone is okay if that’s your thing but be warned! Many of us tend to require a drink or two to feel comfortable approaching strangers and also require some kind of prop - such as a beer to sip on. In this way, you can go through a lot of beer in a short amount of time.

If you’re going with friends, be sure you’ll look after one another. Remind each other to drink water and eat and if you notice your mate necking imperial stouts like water, suggest trying something lighter. Take your time and enjoy each other’s company, rather than competing to see who can down the most pints!

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