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From Yorkshire to Kent, Wales to Scotland and a quick jaunt to Northern Ireland, Great Britain is renowned for its real ales. Bitters are among the nation’s favourite beers, easy drinking, with subtle hop aroma, a malty backbone and a pleasing bitterness.

Much Real Ale is a living product, which is why it must be handled with care! Inside each bottle, millions of yeast cells are busy refermenting your ale until it reaches the perfect condition. This process of secondary fermentation normally takes place in the cask, giving British ale it’s famous low levels of carbonation and fruity, floral flavours. It works just as well in the bottle, providing you with an ale that is unique to British pubs, from the comfort of your home.

Our Real Ale Selection Box takes a variety of styles, including golden ale, best bitter and brown ale, lovingly crafted by brewers from across the land. Prepare for a discovery of different flavours as you embark on a tour of the great British ales!