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The UK can proudly proclaim to have the most pubs per square kilometre of anywhere on Earth,  some of the best real ale's ever poured, and our modern craft beer market is booming. And while a trip to the pub will always be pleasurable, British Drinks Store is now bringing the beer to your doorstep.

This has many benefits. First of all, we’ve got an amazing selection of local brews, that will ship right to your door. Plus, you can now order beer online and drink it in your pyjamas. That’s what we call a win-win.

The Latest On-Trend Craft Beers

It seems like there’s new and wonderful craft beers being released daily. Remember when IPAs took the beer drinking community by storm? Then it was sours. What will be next?

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest-and-greatest beers being produced then look no further. At BDS, we offer everything you need to keep up to date with the craft beer scene. We allow you to access many craft brewers directly online, find  and support your local brewery, or dip in to a readymade beer box that our experts have put together just for you.

Now you don’t need to worry about hunting for new brews at the ill-stocked store down the road. We source the best craft beer, and ship it to you so you won’t  have to miss a single delicious brew.

The Best Real Ales Available

What’s more British than real ale? It’s been a staple of our drinking culture for centuries (much to the chagrin of American tourists.) Generally Matured by secondary fermentation, and without additional carbonation, these ales are the real deal, and have an army of devotees across the country. If you like your beer the way many think it should be drank, if you prefer flavour over fizz, than you’re after a real ale. These iconic pub draughts are now available online with BDS.

Curated Beer Box

One of the best things when you buy beer online is the option to let the pros pick your brews for you! Are you feeling a bit adventurous? Or perhaps you’ve been stuck in a beer rut? Take a journey with one of out curated craft beer boxes.