Craft Stout Box Selection

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Save £££s With This Selection of 6 of The Best British Stouts

There's a fantastic mix of classic stouts and interesting modern craft stout variations which will satisfy any Stout lover

Stout Selection Box by BDS

Join the dark side and explore the world of craft stout.

  • Abbeydale Brewery - You Scratch My Back - Smoked Scratching Stout - 5.5%
  • London Beer Factory - Sayers Stout - 4.5%
  • Weird Beard - Black Perle -  coffee Milk Stout - 3.8% - 330ml
  • Wiper and True - Milkshake - Milk Stout - 5.6% - 500ml
  • Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout - 500ml
  • Alchemy - Bring Out the Imp - 300ml

As a style, stouts have long been a playground for adventurous brewers, looking to add an ever-widening array of adjuncts! Nowadays, there are more stout substyles than any other type of beer! They’ve become the base for berries and fruits, cereals, lactose sugar, marshmallows and even doughnuts and cakes.

Try our Craft Stout Box and discover anything from thick and creamy oatmeal stouts and powerful imperial stouts, to rich, sweet milk stouts and indulgent pastry stouts. This lip smacking selection offers a taste sensation but we also offer a fair number of incredible, more traditional stout styles to savour, easing you into your journey into the darkness!

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