Can I customise a curated box?

Unfortunately not at the moment.

Can I customise my craft beer subscription box?

Unfortunately not. Although we are very open to feedback and suggestions, if there's something you'd like to see please request it, and we'll either try to include it in future if there's demand, or add it as regular listing on the site.

I'm trying to make an order and am being given two shipping costs.

Although many of our listings do ship from our warehouse direct,  for many of our other listings you are accessing the producer directly. This ensures you get the freshest drinks, and that we can stock a wide variety. Each order directly from the producers will incur one delivery charge, although many of our producers sell multiple listings. It should be clear when ordering what charges you will incur, but don't hesitate to get in touch if that's not the case.

Can I cancel my craft beer subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the next payment of your craft beer subscription. So if you have paid for three months, you will receive your three boxes and then your subscription will end.

Do you have a tap room or cellar which customers can visit?

Currently no.