Beard and Sabre - Apple Smuggler - 5.5%

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Windswept, rainlashed and with a dry sense of humour. The Apple Smuggler runs cask upon cask of only the driest British

cider from port to port, enemy of both taxman and state, though the finest seafarer the south coast has ever known, any destination, any customer, any vessel, he'll make sure the 'liquid gold' arrives.

Apple Smuggler is a cider drinkers traditionally pressed CAMRA approved cider. Crafted from vintage cider apples Somersets Redstreak and Tremletts bitter and with no additional ingredients it is a true to it's roots heritage cider. Slightly tannic with an acidic kick, Apple Smuggler retains all of the apple flavour you'd expect from a rack and cloth, seasonally pressed, traditional tipple. Apple Smuggler has won International Bronze in the International Cider and Perry Competitions 2016 and ranked five of fifty in the 2016 Cider and Perry Trials, Hereford.

Style: Dry, Traditional

Notes: Oak, Apple, Tannic & Acidic

Strength: 5.5%

Available in: 20L Polypin, 500ml Bottle

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