Elephant School Brewery Beer Box

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8 Beer Elephant School Brewery Box

4 x Sombrero - Chia and Passionfruit Saison - 4.5%

With it’s burst of passion fruit and hint of mint, sombrero starts a fiesta in your mouth that you won’t want to stop. Tipping its wide brimmed hat to its European saison roots, its flavour transports you to Mexico for a party that lasts to the bottom of your glass.

4 x Cheru Kol - Fig and Rosemary Belgian Inverted Single - 4.5%

A Glorious embellishment of flavours brought together in this collaboration of styles from Belgium and Great Britain. The honeyed sweetness of the figs wrapped around the spicy, piney tang of the rosemary combine perfectly with the eccentricities of the Belgian yeast.

Elephant School Brewing is named after the Elephant School that was in the base for the army barrack, which was a depot for the Essex Regiment. The school was run by the British East India Trading Company and they trained people to ride Elephant before going out to India. The beers are not along the traditional lines of its parent brewery and so you can expect to see some rather different samples of beers being born.

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