Mates Cider Mixed Box Direct.

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Cider Selection Box

12 x 500ml, depending on availability. Ships Fresh and Direct From the Supplier.

Ravens Roost Cider

A sparkling dry cider made from 13 varieties of Hereford and Somerset cider apples blended to produce a fresh clean apple taste with a medium dry finish. ABV 5.5%

Goldeneye Cider

Made from 13 varieties of cider apples sourced from traditional orchards in Somerset and Herefordshire to produce a dry fresh taste. ABV 5.9%

Jackdaw Cider

A medium cider made from a selected blend of eating and culinary apples from Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Made in the Norfolk style to deliver a fresh apple flavour. Abv 5.6% 

Linnet Rhubarb Cider

A still sweet hand picked cider blended with rhubarb juice. ABV 5.2%

Magpie Fruit Cider

Made from selected cider apples blended with strawberry, raspeberry and blackcurrent juice to produce a fruity sweet cider . ABV 5.2%

from £2.95 / bottle(s) *

Sky Lark Cider

Made from selected cider apples having a very short fementation to leave matural sugars that produce a sweet smooth easy to drink cider. ABV 5.2%

 Mates Cider Company was founded by Roger Hesten and Dave Harrison in 2010 following years of successful cider making for pleasure. Mates Cider is based in North Wiltshire, ideally placed between the main traditional west country cider making areas of Hereford and Somerset. We hand pick a blend of genuine unsprayed west country cider apples and perry pears, then employ traditional techniques to press out the juice. Finally we allow a lengthy maturation period in order to let the full flavours develop, resulting in our delicious finished products.

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